How Right to Repair Effects You

How Right to Repair Effects You

While the 2020 election will focus on President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden battling it out for the White House on Nov. 3, another battle on this day will be the center of attention for the automotive industry in the Bay State: Right to Repair.

Following the successful 2012 Right to Repair ballot question and the subsequent 2013 law, a problem still lies with a “loophole” in the fine print.

Joanna Johnson, president of Johnson Policy Associates Inc. and a policy advisor for the Automotive Oil Change Association, has been informing the industry on this issue.

“Everything can get a lot worse, but it’s already a problem, and it will become more of an issue if we don’t fight this,” she says.

Ratchet+Wrench held a Q&A with Johnson to answer everything you need to know about the fight in Massachusetts and how it could become a much bigger issue if action isn’t taken.

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