MEMA paves the way for Right to Repair

MEMA paves the way for Right to Repair

February 9, 2023 – Ann Wilson, senior vice president of government affairs for MEMA, told the crowd at HDAW in Dallas recently that the time was right for finally passing a federal Right to Repair bill.

“The time for this is now,” Wilson says. “We’ve got to have those trucks on the road for the economic health of the United States.”

As Americans learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, rolling trucks mean goods on shelves, both in stories and in homes.

Collin Shaw, MEMA’s chief commercial vehicle officer, says there aren’t enough dealerships in the country to do the service for every truck responsible for moving that freight. It’s critical to keep independent shops, suppliers and distributors open to keep trucks moving and safe.

“An independent aftermarket is a vibrant part of the industry that’s important to protect,” Shaw says.

The industry operates now under a memorandum of understanding, Wilson says.

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